ParkShark [pahrk shahrk]

-noun: a person who has an unusual ability in the field of placing or leaving (a vehicle) in a certain place for a period of time for low cost and with the help of others.
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Includes all NYC parking information

  • Find Spots
  • Share Spots
  • Regulations
  • Traffic Cams
  • Parking Prices
  • Available Now
  • Refined Experience
  • More Platforms
  • More Incentives
  • More Cities
  • Richer Ecosystem
  • Made by You
  • Available Late 2011

ParkShark v1.7.0 for iPhone/iPad is Available Now!

ParkShark for iPad is Here!

Recent ParkShark features:

  • San Francisco Street Cleaning Regulations
  • More Parking Garages
  • Parking rule street spans (NYC only)
  • Twitter integration


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